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Contact Me

You can contact me at: greg at gregrperry dot com

I use GPG and PGP for secure communications. If anyone needs to contact me securely, so that I and only I can read it, here’s my public key. If you don’t know what that means, there’s a good overview on Wikipedia – Pretty Good Privacy. I don’t use PKI because it’s too commercial. I wouldn’t even use PGP anymore if you’re just getting started – I would recommend Gpg4win for my friends stuck with Windows. GPG is built in to Linux.

My GPG/PGP public key

The number is 0xED7081CA – there may be older versions out there that should have been rescinded. My current key has the following fingerprints:

A9FA 34E6 612C 1E33 70B4 832E F3D3 6CC1 ED70 81CA

revenge whimsical choking trombonist
fallout Chicago berserk concurrent
guidance politeness Mohawk coherence
upset sociable glucose recover
tunnel hesitate minnow revenue

This key is also available on several public keyservers, such as:
MIT keyserver USA
Veridis’ USA
PGP Corp Global Directory USA

For more information on cryptography, encryption and using keys, start with the Wikipedia Portal.