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Linux Help

For all of you looking for help installing an rt2x00 chipset wlan card, or the Hawking Technologies HWP54G in particular, with Linux, go to my primary installation report or use this saved search to pull up all my posts on the subject.

Here’s a copy of my first solicitation from the Internet for help with Linux (reversed to make it time-sequential.) I am happy to report that it is a success story.

>>>>>> ——– Original Message ——–
>>>>>> Subject: HWP54G under slackware
>>>>>> From: “David” <dlbarchiesi_at_tiscali_dot_it>
>>>>>> Date: Mon, November 21, 2005 8:45 am
>>>>>> To: greg_at_gregrperry_dot_com
>>>>>> Hello, I wanted to install a new version of linux on my pc so I choose slackware
>>>>>> 10.1. Before when I had a differend linux distribution I accessed the net
>>>>>> through a normal usb modem. Now I just set up a new wireless local area network
>>>>>> and under Win I am accessing it through a Hawking HWP54G 54mbit card and
>>>>>> a router. Before I proceed with the slackware installation I wanted to be
>>>>>> sure of being able to connect to the internet for help and etc… How can
>>>>>> I do it with that card? Your help is highly apprecieated.
>>>>>> David Barchiesi

>>>>>– Messaggio Originale —
>>>>>Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 10:19:57 -0700
>>>>>From: “Greg R. Perry” <greg_at_gregrperry_dot_com>
>>>>>Subject: RE: HWP54G under slackware
>>>>>To: David <dlbarchiesi_at_tiscali_dot_it>
>>>>>You first need to determine what chipset is on your HWP54G. Mine had the
>>>>>RaLink RT2500. If you have the same, make sure you have the latest
>>>>>stable release RT2X00 drivers from
>>>>> before
>>>>>proceeding with the install. Very few distributions have native support
>>>>>for this chipset, but the drivers at this site work under many distros,
>>>>>and I see Slackware 10.1 listed as a success, but with another card.
>>>>>You will probably need to manually install the drivers after your
>>>>>installation. Follow the instructions that come with them.
>>>>>If you run into any problems, mark_at_serialmonkey_dot_com has a lot more
>>>>>experience than I do. Good luck, and let me know how it turns out!
>>>>>Greg Perry

>>>> ——– Original Message ——–
>>>> Subject: RE: HWP54G under slackware
>>>> From: “David” <dlbarchiesi_at_tiscali_dot_it>
>>>> Date: Mon, November 21, 2005 12:13 pm
>>>> To: “Greg R. Perry” <greg_at_gregrperry_dot_com>
>>>> First thanks, then I need to know how to determine under windows what kind
>>>> of chipset i have. That is my only problem, then I think I am able to proceed.
>>>> Again, thank you very much.
>>>> David

>>>– Messaggio Originale —
>>>Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 13:51:46 -0700
>>>From: “Greg R. Perry” <greg_at_gregrperry_dot_com>
>>>Subject: RE: HWP54G under slackware
>>>To: David <dlbarchiesi_at_tiscali_dot_it>
>>>Hmmm… I know how to do it under linux ( lspci -v ), but I’m not sure
>>>under windows. Do you have it successfully installed? The driver
>>>information might tell you. I’ve done a search and found little info,
>>>and I’m away from the machine that has my HWP54G in it, so I can’t test
>>>it myself. Do you have a Knoppix cd around or Cygwin loaded? Either will
>>>allow to run the lspci command without loading a distro.
>>>I couldn’t find it in the online Hawking datasheet, but Hawking is now
>>>offering free 7/24 tech support at
>>>, so you can always call or email
>>>them. They can tell the revision by the look of the card and the serial
>>>number. Don’t you have instructions on finding the version in the
>>>Manual on the Driver CD that came with the card? Wait… just found the
>>>identification instructions at
>>>With the proper revision, you should be able to find the chipset with a
>>>google search. Let me know if you need more help.

>> ——– Original Message ——–
>> Subject: RE: HWP54G under slackware
>> From: “David” <dlbarchiesi_at_tiscali_dot_it>
>> Date: Mon, November 21, 2005 1:01 pm
>> To: “Greg R. Perry” <greg_at_gregrperry_dot_com>
>> thanks again. I have an old mandrakemove distro that should work. I will
>> try when i find it. Then I should be able to continue on my own once I know
>> waht chipset I have. The link yuo gave me is very usefull, only that I have
>> to open my pc…..worth it. Thanks again.

>– Messaggio Originale —
>Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 14:25:02 -0700
>From: “Greg R. Perry” <greg_at_gregrperry_dot_com>
>Subject: RE: HWP54G under slackware
>To: David <dlbarchiesi_at_tiscali_it>
>You’re welcome. Hope I helped.
>This conversation has been special to me as it is the first time I’ve
>been contacted by a stranger for advice on Linux, and one of the things
>that attracted me to Linux in the first place was hearing about how
>helpful other users are to newbies. Can I post this in my blog? (I’ll
>delete your email address.) Can I also ask how you found me? Was is
>from a search that hit my blog, or was it through or
>another forum?

I managed to install slackware and the drivers for the chipset, which
was a rt2500 and now I am proudly and finally using my favorite distro, which
I hadn’t touched for about a couple of months, since I changed my old usb
modem. Sure go ahead and post it in your blog, and be free to put my email
in it [in this format please, dlbarchiesi_at_tiscali_dot_it] so anybody can
reach me for questions or anyother stuff. Yuo don’t know how helpfull you’ve
been to me, so I thank you very much. I’m amased that we managed to communicate
easily, being the fact that I’m italian and speack a little bit of english
[enough but spelling is pretty hard].